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Napping Bunny

Airport Pod Hotels

Website Development
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Credit Card Processing
Calendar Integration
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Imagine if every concourse, in every major airport, could provide you with a personal sanctuary?

The Challenge

As an early stage start-up, Napping Bunny's primary goal is to accommodate travelers by providing a sanctuary from the chaos of delayed flights, and an escape from the stress of over-crowed airports. How do you make a person feel safe and secluded before they even arrive?

Our Solution

As...We fostered a physical sense of coziness and security with the logo, and took the name literally. And the logo actually has two distinct variations, a front-side of the bunny and its cute behind. The website was produced with a framework that would allow expansions as bookings, cancellations, reminders, and payments to be added as needed.

Napping Bunny
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