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Nicole Parish

Psychic Medium

Brand Identity
Website Development
Online Video Session Bookings
Automated Emails
Credit Card Processing
Calendar Integration
Social Media Microsites

Everybody has spirit guides. Would you like to meet yours?

The Challenge

Nicole was ready to elevate her business practice as a intuitive medium to the next level. Her online presence was limited to social media, and all the restrictions that come with a platform of that nature. She did not have a brand on which to build on, or a dedicated website for potential clients to learn about her offerings and engage in business.

Our Solution

First things first, we created a brand for Nicole's practice, and then allowed this fresh new image to influence the design of a brand new website, as well as her existing social media pages. The website uses striking visual imagery and powerful messages coinciding with calls to action for the site visitors. We took headshots for the website, created the ability for visitors to book sessions online, and set up automations that streamlined her workload, organization, and operations.

Nicole Parish
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