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Soulful Savage

Diet/Fitness/Life Coaching

Website Development
Automated Emails
Credit Card Processing
Calendar Integration
Member Only Access Areas Accessible by Paying Clients
Photo Editing

Sonja engaged with us because her systems of contact and communications with clients were complicated for the entire client experience.

The Challenge

Sonja, a self-help guru and social media influencer, engaged with us because her systems of contact and communication with clients were very complicated. Daily business operations we're not interconnected, and required more time to manage than was realistic to support the growth she was experiencing. Plus, she desired to compete directly with coaches who are at the very top of her field, going toe-to-toe with the best.

Our Solution

We created a web-based systems of operations that automated her business as much as possible, while still maintaining the personal connection and touch that she's so well known for delivering. Together we developed packages of her online offerings, secured credit card processing with automated direct payments into her bank account, and kept her securely and immediately connected with her clients in a way never experienced before.

Soulful Savage
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