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Yoga Juju

Online Yoga Classes

Website Development
Brand Identity
Automated Emails
Credit Card Processing
Staff Scheduling
Social Media Microsites

A global community of yoga teachers & leaders seamlessly connected with students in real time.

The Challenge

How do you connect yoga teachers from across the world to a platform that brings them new students from any location? This website must allow students the option to purchase videos as well as book private live-streaming sessions, all in a simplified and secured user experience. E-commerce must meet real-time teaching. This start-up needed a brand, website, automations, credit card processing, and staff scheduling.

Our Solution

Begin with the brand, simple and elegant and bold. Next a visually stunning website, complete with the ability to sell, schedule, book, and inspire. We focused on creating a sense and feeling of community and family for the teachers and the students. Photography played a key role and we meticulously chose and edited photos that tapped into the human emotions of strength, mindfulness, growth, and well-being.

Yoga Juju
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